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MDACC Small Animal Imaging Facility

Overview of Services

The Small Animal Imaging Facility (SAIF) is a core MD Anderson research resource. It was established in 2001, became part of and is partially funded by the Cancer Center Support Grant (CA16672, PI – DePinho).

The SAIF team provides comprehensive imaging support services for MD Anderson Cancer Center investigators, including:

  • Assistance in experimental design
  • Developing specialty equipment and innovative procedures for imaging
  • Preparing animals for studies, inducing and maintaining appropriate anesthesia and immobilization of animals during imaging
  • Processing and interpreting data for publication or grant preparation


Dr. John Hazle PhD
Imaging Physics Chairman

Dr. James Bankson PhD
Deputy Director 
Associate Professor


Rose Delphin MS
Department Administrator

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm    

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Small Animal Imaging Research Facility
Department of Imaging Physics 
1515 Holcombe Boulevard -- Unit 56
Houston, Texas 77030-400

Links and Resources

  1. Department of Imaging Physics
  2. Division of Diagnostic Imaging


Name Role Phone Email Location
Charles Kingsley
DI Operations Manager
(832) 829-7041


Search available services:
Name Description Price
Data Analysis - Assisted Use External out of network $70.00 each
Faxitron Acquisition (Access) Inquire
Faxtiton Acquisition (Assisted Use) Inquire
Tech Time - Assisted Use External out of network $61.00 each