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MDACC Science Park Molecular Biology Core

Overview of Services

The Molecular Biology Core Facility at Science Park provides investigators access to sophisticated and state-of-the-art molecular techniques, services and instrumentation. Because the Department of Molecular Carcinogenesis is multidisciplinary in nature, the level of support needed by different investigators varies widely. Consequently, the level of access offered by the core varies from consultation and advice on specific aspects of projects, through training on particular techniques and/or instruments available in the core, to complete molecular analyses from sample preparation to final data analysis.


Jianjun (J-J) Shen, PhD
Director, Science Park NGS Facility
Professor, Molecular Carcinogenesis
(512) 237-9558


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

By Appointment Only                           

SRM 1. Rooms 306-309            

Links and Resources

  1. Molecular Biology Core Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Jianjun Shen, Ph.D.

Sally Gaddis


Melissa S. Simper
Senior Research Scientist

Yueping Chen
Research Investigator

Luis Della Coletta
Research Laboratory Manager

Carol Mikulec




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DNA Isolation (8)
Functional Genomics (12)
Genotyping (16)
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Microarray (1)
Microsatellite (3)
Proteomics (14)
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