DO NOT SUBMIT SAMPLES WITH PATIENT HEALTH INFORMATION.  This includes medical record numbers or pathology file identifiers.

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MDACC Advanced Cytometry & Sorting Facility at South Campus

Overview of Services

ACSF iLabs

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The Advanced Cytometry & Sorting Facility at South Campus (ACSF) is equipped with 5 cell sorters, 6 flow cytometry analysis systems including two Aurora Spectral flow cytometers. The lab provides flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting services.



Karen Clise-Dwyer, PhD
ACSF Director

Core Staff

Name Role Phone Email Location
Karen Clise-Dwyer Professor, Director 713-563-3322 2SCR4.2020
Karen Ramirez Lab Manager 713-563-3345 2SCR4.2120
David Dwyer Coordinator, Flow Cytometry Lab 713-563-3345 2SCR4.2120
Veena Papanna Coordinator, Flow Cytometry Lab 713-563-3345 2SCR4.2120
Kathryn Cox Coordinator, Flow Cytometry Lab 713-563-3350 2SCR4.2213
Matthew Ramirez Student Extern 713-563-3345 2SCR4.2120
Hours Location

Staffed: 8 AM - 5 PM

Trained User's have access 24/7      

South Campus Research Building 2, Room 2SCR4.2120

7435 Fannin St., Houston, TX 77054

Location and hours of operation

Links and Resources

  1. Equipment Scheduling: Email
  2. ACSF Core external website
  3. Fluorfinder link to ACSF
  4. Flurofinder OMIPS 
  5. FlowJo Recorded Webinars
  6. FlowJo Tutorial
  7. FCS Express Recorded Webinars
  8. Flow Cytometry Introduction Video
  9. Data Analysis Introduction Video
  10. Optimized Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panels (OMIPS)
  11. FP Base Spectral Viewer
  12. BDSelect-Buffer Compatibility Resource
  13. Antibody Validation Workshop|Awareness|2020-02-09%2019:00:00.000|N/A|GLOBAL|EN|Automated%20-%20Lifecycle&utm_content=Email%204|&mi_u=1204290
  14. BD DIVA Introduction
  15. BD DIVA-2
  16. BD DIVA-3
  17. Experimental Design Guide
  18.  ACSF EX002-HN01 V1.1 Antibody Staining Guidelines
  19.  ACSF EX003-HN01 V1.0 Cell Cycle Guidelines
  20.  ACSF EX004-HN01 V1.0 Apoptosis Guidelines
  21.  ACSF TR001-HN01 V1.0 New User Checklist
  22.  ACSF TR001-HN02 V1.1 Cell Sorting Guidelines
  23.  ACSF TR001-HN03 V1.0 Data Analysis Overview
  24. ACSF TR001-HN04 V1.0 Lab Safety Overview
  25. Server Login Flow Core Server Login
  26. Independent Analyzer Training
  27. FlowTex: Professional organization that hosts an annual conference and other cytometry education-related events. Most events are free to academic attendees.
  28. BD Interactive Human Cell Map
  29. FlowJo_Intro-Refresher+Comp_April 2023
  30. FlowJo_High Dimensional Data_2023


 Online Learning Links

      1. Online Learning Links (Select link and open in a new tab) 

 BD Analyzer Training Videos

  1. How to replace an empty sheath box
  2. How to empty waste container
  3. How to Open DIVA software
  4. How to Open an Experiment
  5. How to Open Any Closed Viewing Windows
  6. How to run a sample
  7. How to add fluorochrome to the parameter
  8. How to label marker name for respective fluorochrome
  9. How to adjust the voltages
  10. How to create basic plots
  11. How to draw a gate and label it
  12. How to do auto compensation 1
  13. How to do auto compensation 2
  14. How to clear a partial clog
  15. What to do if no events show while acquiring sample
  16. How to clean the instrument after running tube samples
  17. How to switch from tube mode to plate mode
  18. How to switch from plate mode to tube mode
  19. How to run a clean plate           

Cytek Aurora Analyzer Training Videos

  1.  How to change the empty sheath and full waste box
  2.  How to startup instrument and run QC
  3.  How to create a new experiment, save a template and open a template
  4.  How to run reference controls into library and reuse in the experiment
  5.  How to clean the instrument after running sample
  6.  How to create batch analysis
  7.  How to export the data and transfer it to OneDrive
  8.  How to shutdown the instrument (general)
  9.  How to shutdown Aurora Rose
  10.  How to shutdown Aurora Blue



Name Role Phone Email Location
Karen Clise-Dwyer