MDACC Bone Histomorphometry Core Laboratory

Overview of Services

The Bone Histomorphometry Core Laboratory provides histomorphometric analyses of non-decalcified bone specimens, including processing mouse bone specimens for non-decalcified histology and performing static and dynamic histomorphometric analyses of mouse bone specimens. The service is performed on a for-service basis. The function of the Bone Histomorphometry core is to perform histomorphometric analyses of non-decalcified bone specimens. Processing mouse bone specimen for non-decalcified histology. Fixed and partially dehydrated mouse skeleton is provided by project investigators to the Core. These samples are embedded in plastic medium, sectioned and stained. Contact Michael Starbuck,, for more information on the protocol for proper sample preparation. Performing static and dynamic histomorphometric analyses of mouse bone specimen. Using the Bioquant Osteo II system, static parameters such as bone volume, trabecular number and cell counts as well as dynamic parameters of bone formation such as mineralizing surface percent and mineral apposition rates are quantified on non-decalcified bone sections. The core provides investigators with the data and will help them in evaluating their biological relevance.


  • Processing plastic resin (pMMA) embedding
  • Platic/paraffin sectioning
  • Staining (Toluidine Blue, Von Kossa, TRAP, Goldners)
  • Static & dynamic Histomorphometry



Nora Navone, MD, Ph.D


Leah Guerra

Location and hours of operation

1515 Holcombe Blvd Houston, TX 77030

9AM-5PM M-F  

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  3. Histomorphometry Description


Name Role Phone Email Location
Leah Guerra
1515 Holcombe Blvd Houston, TX 77030





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