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MDACC Bionutrition Research Core

Overview of Services

The Bionutrition Research Core was established in 2015 as a Strategic Initiative of the Duncan Family Institute for Cancer Prevention and Risk Assessment, which is housed in the Division of Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences.  The mission of the Bionutrition Research Core is to assist investigators who examine the role of diet in cancer prevention and progression to conduct state-of-the-art nutritional science research by establishing best dietary assessment practices and by providing the resources necessary to plan and conduct human feeding studies.  We provide services to examine both the direct and indirect links between diet and cancer risk and disease along the cancer continuum in clinical, community and survivorship populations.


Director: Carrie Daniel-MacDougall, PhD, MPH

Co-Director: Karen Basen-Engquist, PhD, MPH

Founding Director/External Advisor: Susan Schembre, PhD, RD


Location and hours of operation

Hours           Location


    Department of Epidemiology
    1155 Pressler Street
    Houston, TX 77030-3721


    Mailing Address:
    The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Bionutrition Research Core                                                                            Department of Epidemiology
    Unit 1330, P.O. Box 301439
    Houston, TX 77230-1439


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Erma Levy MPH RD LD
Sr. Research Dietitian
(713) 792-5039
Epidemiology Department

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