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MD Anderson's core facilities are slowly returning to operations and will be at reduced capacity.  Please contact core personnel for instructions prior to submitting a request and indicate if the sample is known to be COVID-19 positive.

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To all ORION Core Users: The ORION core lab currently open per institutional guidelines.
Sample submission, including fresh tumor biopsies, is only allowed via MDA courier services or shipping to our facility. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding this process.  Thank you for your patience and support! 





Please include the following acknowledgement in research publications supported by the core: "Supported by the NIH/NCI under award number P30 CA016672 and used the ORION core".



Overview of Services

The purpose of our core is to provide state-of-the-art immunoprofiling services to MDACC investigators as well as local investigators. Our services range from single service instrument use to entire project design and analysis. Researchers and Investigators will need to provide the samples for analysis. Samples can be stored short-term prior to assessment.

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  • Clinical trial immune monitoring
  • Custom panel design for assays
  • Guidance on language and funding for grant applications
  • Data analysis
  • Single assay instrument use 

Equipment and Technology:

  • Luminex 200 (assisted only)
  • MSD QuickPlex SQ120 (assisted and unassisted)
  • CTL ELISPOT analyzer - Immunospot S6 MICRO (assisted and unassisted)
  • Flow Cytometry of up to 18 colors (assisted only) 


Cara Haymaker, Ph.D. | Director | (713) 


Location and hours of operation

Location   Hours


2SCRB2.3203, 7455 Fannin Street   

Houston, TX 77054  




Links and Resources 


Kit Vendors:

Sales representative: Nick Tardi |

Sales representative: Christof Straub |

Sales representative: Melissa Muller |

Templates and SOPs:



Kit Vendor:

Sales representative: Katlin Holmes |

Templates and SOPs:


ELISPOT Kit Vendors:


CCSG Shared Resource Cores:


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MDACC Courier Services:


Name Role Phone Email Location
ORION Core lab
Oncology Research and Immunomonitoring
7435 Fannin St, 2SCR2.3205, Houston, TX 77054