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MDACC DVMS Ancillary Services and Rodent Export

Overview of Services

The Operations Team consists of eight individuals, five of which are Campus Services Technicians.  Primary responsibilities include:

  • Animal and sentinel deliveries between campuses and to designated rodent drop-off locations
  • Animal deliveries to other institutions outside TMC. (charges apply)
  • Transport equipment and supplies between campuses as needed
  • DVMS shuttle services between campuses for researchers and staff
  • Provide sterilization services (VHP) upon request
  • Receive and distribute supplies to all sections between both campuses
  • Maintain carcass freezers on an assigned schedule
  • Provide equipment and office move services upon request
  • Clean linen distribution and soiled linen pick-up

For all other questions and inquiries about animal deliveries, please contact Andrew Pesek, Associate Director of Operations or Rhudell Turner, Campus Services Supervisor. 

Rodent Export Services

Do you need to export rodents to another instituion? Please complete the Export request now available in iLab. Questions about the process? Contact

Questions about system issues? Contact


DVMS Operations & Materials Management Leadership and Staff

Name Title Phone  Email Office Location
Andrew T Pesek Jr Assoc Dir, Animal Facility Ops (713) 745-5079  George and Cynthia Mitchell Ba (SB.8416b)
Jack H Knoblauch  Coord, Facilities Projects (713) 563-1592  George and Cynthia Mitchell Ba (SB.8416c)
Rhudell K Turner Supv, Campus Services (713) 792-2796  George and Cynthia Mitchell Ba (S1.8123)
Donald O Williams  Campus Services Technician  George and Cynthia Mitchell Ba (S1.8123)
Tiffany L Burgess  Campus Services Technician  George and Cynthia Mitchell Ba (S1.8123)
Sean M Yarman Campus Services Technician  Physical Plant And Police Bldg (PPB1.552)
Jose A Arano Campus Services Technician  Physical Plant And Police Bldg (PPB1.552)
Desmond O Brown Campus Services Technician George and Cynthia Mitchell Ba (S1.8123)


Location and hours of operation

6:00am – 3:30pm Monday thru Friday

George and Cynthia Mitchell Basic Science & Research Building


AM Deliveries

All morning animal delivery/transfer requests are pulled by NCV/SCV staff members on each campus the day of requested transport and placed in the designated airlocks or transfer stations by 7:45am.  Cage(s) are delivered to their designated drop off location between 8:30 – 9:00am.

PM Deliveries

Animal delivery form must be submitted no later than 1:30pm on the day of requested delivery.  Research staff must place their cage(s) in designated airlocks/transfer stations with adequate food, water bottle and green acetate by 1:30pm.  Cage(s) are delivered to their designated drop off location between 1:30 – 2:00pm. 


Rodent Drop-Off Room Numbers:

GEMF Cryo Lab….SB.8043

PTC....PTCB.2159 (Experimental Holding Room)

SCRB1…..SCR1.3032 (Rodent Drop-Off Room)

SCRB2…..2SCR1.3028 (Rodent Drop-Off Room)

SCRB3…..3SCR1.4101B (Rodent Drop-Off Room)

SCRB3…..3SCR1.4101A (Dirty Storage/Radioactive freezer)

Zayed…..Z1.5014 (Rodent Drop-Off Room)

Zayed…..Z1.5016 (Freezer Room)

 Airlocks/Animal Transfer

S1.8110 – 1st Floor Equipment Airlock

SB.8126 – Basement Equipment Airlock

TB.3953 – CRB Equipment Airlock

PPB1.421A – South Campus Animal Transfer

PPB1.672 – South Campus Animal Transfer

3SCR1.3104B – SCRB3 Airlock

Links and Resources

  1. Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Home Page



Name Role Phone Email Location
Andrew Pesek
Associate Director, Animal Facility Operations

Rhudell Turner
Supv, Campus Services