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MDACC DVMS Mouse Metabolic Facility

Overview of Services

It has been well-documented that cancer cells demonstrate metabolic behavior significantly different to normal, healthy tissue. Most oncogenes (cancer-inducing genetic changes) are linked to changes in metabolism. The why and how of these metabolic changes is still not well understood, and metabolic cancer research is a relatively new field. In the past, these metabolic differences were thought to be secondary features of cancer growth, but are now seen as critical to tumor formation. Metabolic changes at the whole-body level have been shown to have clinical relevance in initial tumor formation and continued tumor growth. Understanding the metabolic differences between cancerous tissue and healthy tissue can lead to novel methods for targeting and suppressing cancer growth and initial formation.

The Mouse Metabolic Facility provides metabolic monitoring utilizing the latest generation of the TSE Phenomaster system. Mice are continuously monitored in a home-cage design system so that all data is gathered without handling and/or disturbance. Monitoring options and metrics include food and water consumed, body-weight fluctuations, O2 and CO2 data, and running wheel access. The Mouse Metabolic Facility system allows for the testing of novel methods of targeting and altering cancer metabolism via diet study, exercise and activity behavior monitoring, and treatment testing.


Please contact DVMS and Andrew Rolfe for inquiries and further information.

Leadership and Staff

Name Role Phone Email Location
Andrew Rolfe Facility Manager 713-792-7266 Room TB.4112a,  CRB building
Jody Swain Assistant Professor Room S2.8014,  BSRB building
Dana Vardeman  Manager Animal Resources Room S1.8121a,  BSRB building
Kimberly Zody                    Program Manager Animal Resources Room S2.8013,  BSRB building

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday     

8 AM - 5 PM 

1515 Holcombe Blvd. Unit 063

Houston, TX 77030



Name Role Phone Email Location
Andrew Rolfe
Facility Manager
CRB, Room TB.4112a
Jody Swain
Assistant Professor
Room S2.8014, BSRB building